The Most Underrated Destinations to Visit for a Unique Experience

Though many popular tourist spots draw large crowds of travellers, there are also lesser-known gems that offer an unforgettable experience.

These underrated destinations offer something truly exceptional and unforgettable, whether it be stunning natural landscapes or vibrant cultural experiences. So if you’re planning an action-packed vacation this year, add one or more of these hidden gems to your list!

1. La Paz

La Paz offers travelers a truly unique experience, not only due to its location on the Sea of Cortez but also its people. With chaotic streets, pollution, honking cars, smells and an atmosphere that assaults all senses at once, it may be hard not to fall in love with this city – yet it is definitely worth exploring.

One of La Paz’s underrated activities is riding a gondola up to the top of the city. It offers an unique perspective of La Paz and an enjoyable way to view its different neighborhoods.

2. The Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert is Asia’s largest desert, covering nearly one third of Mongolia and much of China. This vast wilderness of sand-dunes, rocky hills, gorges and canyons offers travelers a truly memorable travel experience.

It’s also an ideal spot for wildlife enthusiasts, from Bactrian camels and herding cats to wild goats and antelope. You might also spot Takhi horses or antelope roaming freely here.

The Gobi Desert is renowned for its dinosaur fossils, particularly at Khermen Tsav site – commonly referred to as “The End of the World.”

3. Keep River National Park

Keep River is a 22,000 acre National Park situated 3km from the border between NT and WA, featuring an enormous cave system with petroglyphs as its star attraction. But don’t be fooled by its size – this spot offers plenty of nature activities like hikes, biking trails, equestrian pursuits and river access too!

Enjoy stunning sunrises at Langgerrbi / Nigli Gap National Park, or catch some rays with your own 4WD. Though most roads in this park are unsealed and paved, some may become impassable during wet season in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT). What’s most intriguing about this park is that it’s part of Aboriginal lands so you’ll see some spectacular rock art at Langgerrbi / Nigli Gap as well as Ginger’s Hill stone structure.

4. Bambarakiri Ella Falls

Near Rattota, the Bambarakiri Ella falls are set amidst an idyllic evergreen forest of the Knuckles mountain range. At 3m high and with a suspension bridge spanning it, this waterfall adds to the beauty of this breathtaking scene.

Reaching Laggala from Matale can be done easily by taking the Matale-Ilukkumbura-Pallegama-Giradurukotte road through Rattota and on until Laggala.

This area is ideal for those seeking a serene and secluded spot to take in Sri Lanka’s natural splendor. However, be warned that bathing or clambering over rocks in this area can be quite hazardous as many have perished here.

Visitors to the falls can take some stunning pictures and selfies at its base. Crossing an ancient suspension bridge for an unparalleled view of the water fall is highly recommended!

5. Bodega Cerro Chapeu

Cerro Chapeu is a long-running family winery located on the border between Brazil and Uruguay, which utilizes advanced wine techniques as well as their decades of experience to offer visitors an unforgettable journey.

Vineyards are planted in the red, deep and sand soils of Cerro Chapeu, considered South America’s oldest wine region. A gravity-fed winery was constructed atop four levels within this hill.

They are renowned for their Tannat grape, an adaptable variety to sandy red soil and continental climate. The wines produced here tend to be low in alcohol with refreshing acidity.

They produce several other varieties, such as Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. Their 1752 Gran Tradicion blends are particularly sought-after, and they also produce traditional method sparkling wine.

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