Hotel Room Hacks – Making the Most of Your Stay

Travel can be stressful, but finding a comfortable hotel room can make your journey far less daunting. From using trouser hangers to close curtains for a better night’s rest to saving money on room service – here are some helpful hacks that will make your next hotel stay much more pleasant.

1. Bring Your Favorite Blanket or Pillow

Travel can often leave us feeling disconnected and lonely in hotel rooms, making the stay feel less impersonal and inviting. By adding personal touches like your favorite blanket or pillow to make the stay more cozy and welcoming.

Packing a travel-sized essential oil diffuser will help you unwind during your journey with its soothing lavender fragrance, plus hotels like Ovolo have excellent Bluetooth speaker systems so that your beats can reach maximum volume without issue!

If your hotel curtains do not close all the way and allow sunlight into your room in the morning, trouser hangers (or binder clips) can help block out light by pinching together any gaps and keeping out sunlight – this will allow for a peaceful night’s rest so that you wake up feeling rested and ready to face each new day!

2. Turn an Outlet Into a Charging Station

Many hotels with older buildings only provide limited outlets in rooms. If you require additional outlets to charge your devices or play shows/movies on TV with Google Chromecast, ask at the front desk when checking in for one as an additional outlet may be needed.

Many hotels use key cards to switch on the power in your room; if you don’t have one and still want the lights and air conditioning running while away, just leave an old credit or membership card in its slot – though be careful not to leave it there for extended periods as that can pose a fire hazard! Don’t forget to tip housekeeping too!

3. Opt for an Economical Alternative to Room Service

With travel costs constantly on the rise, it’s essential that every dollar counts. Luckily, hotels are becoming more accommodating of budget travelers.

Be mindful that hotel concierges and staff are there to make your experience the best it can be, but if you show that you’re willing to go the extra mile on your own, they may go the extra mile in improving it without charge – especially if booking directly through loyalty programs like IHG Rewards Club.

If you’re on a tight budget, price-tracking apps such as Pruvo can help. By being alerted when room rates decrease, rebook at a reduced rate to save both money and hassle in the long run! It will save both money and stress!

4. Communicate Your Dietary Needs

If you’re an avid eater, notifying hotel staff of any food allergies or special dietary requirements can make your stay much more comfortable. Some hotels provide breakfast foods in refrigerators for easy accessibility to help satisfy those times when fuel is required without leaving your bed!

If you’re celebrating an important event (like your honeymoon or anniversary), let the staff know! They might just surprise you with an unexpected treat as a thank-you – plus it could earn you free upgrades! Charge meals to a hotel-branded credit card to earn extra points towards future stays (though some hotels allow guests without credit cards still charge incidentals using room keys!).

5. Leave a Tip for Housekeeping

An hotel room can become much more than simply a bed and shower if you take advantage of its resources to create the space as a home away from home. By employing smart tricks, hotel rooms can become homelike environments at significantly reduced costs.

One of the best hotel room hacks is raiding your minibar – but be sure to replenish it properly afterwards! While most hotels frown upon this behavior, it can be an economical way of ensuring that hunger or thirst won’t strike late at night.

Painter’s tape can be an indispensable travel hack! Not only will it mark steps and pin curtains together (or close them), it can seal bags and fix ripped hems; all essential tasks for any traveler! It should always be included on any itinerary!

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