Glamping Destinations That Redefine Comfort in Nature

The new term glamping (glamour + camping) defines this new, exhilarating and charming concept of enjoying nature with pillows, king-sized beds, en suite bathrooms and rooftop views.

Glamp destinations offer adventures in the outdoors that bring nature lovers to their untouched terrain. Getting schooled on desert creatures by a master desert ecologist? Check. Kayaking through heart-stopping rapids at high speeds? Check. There’s never a dull moment at luxury campgrounds for outdoor lovers.

High-Tech Amenities

As one of the most sought after outdoor experience, glamping offers more than just traditional camping – corporations are banking on a growing industry poised to march onto thescene. Consumers from all over the world can capitalise on innovative technologies to make glamping all the more special.

An assortment of innovative new glamping gear has helped guests feel more connected to nature while also enjoying comforts of home. With features such as smart tents that link to music streaming services like Pandora or allow watching some TV while still outdoors in an idyllic forest, glamping tries to provide a blend of wilderness adventure and the conveniences of home.

Whether hiking and game viewing or indulging at the on-site spa, the glamping experience features opportunities for outdoor adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Go and glamp – it’s a decision you won’t regret – Glamping really is best of both worlds!

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

In glamping settings, guests of warehouses and hunting lodges are greeted with a cornucopia of sustainable eco-centric lodging options ranging from Airstream trailers to handmade yurts, surrounded by nature and equipped with wood-fired hot tubs while taking in the landscape.

Thanks to solar panels for electricity and rainwater harvesting schemes for water conservation, these sites are both reducing their ecological footprint and educating visitors about sustainable use and nature conservation.

time involving nature is associated with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of type D personality disorders (marked by symptoms of depression and anxiety), enhanced optimism, fewer instances of alcohol abuse, and lower levels of incivility and antisocial behaviour in young adults – all promising elements of ‘glamping’ destinations designed to make gentle inroads for elderly would-be travellers and those with age- or health-related chronic conditions who are inhibited by the rigours of traditional camping. Glamping destinations encourage Leave No Tracee tendencies by disposing of waste in appropriate containers, and by eating food sourced from local farmers.

Unique Experiences

These glamping destinations provide travellers with lasting impressions from life-altering adventures. Whether you join an eco-tour group to kayak on a remote river, forage for your dinner while hiking along a remote trail, or sit with a herd of mountain goats under a Jesse aster meteor shower, you stand to reap some of the pleasures of embarking on an adventure in similarly minded company, forming lasting ties you might not have if you stayed at home.

Some glamping experiences include Airstreams under Redwood; some are safari tents or geodesic domes. Whatever the style, no matter how remote, glampers are treated to a luxury experience while still getting all the comforts they need to enjoy their holiday.

There is something called the ‘ultimate glamping’ experience at Kentucky Castle, which overlooks the horse farms of central Kentucky, and which comes with a farm-to-table restaurant, spa services, and possibly, if you’re lucky, the rodeo! And, on the other end of the civilised world, for those who prefer the towering, icy mountains of concrete to the wild, you can go to the Beverly Wilshire hotel in LA, which has one very fun glamping tent at the top of classic Rodeo Drive that includes a Four Seasons bed and chandelier, accessed through a secret entrance, and served by a rooftop tent featuring gold-dusted s’mores and vintage Champagne flights!


Most locations also offer concierge services that will take care of everything from guided tours to restaurant bookings to ensure you have a most relaxing (and memorable) stay.

Glamping sites also enhance local economies, as your accommodations might have been constructed by local craftsmen or sourced from neighbouring farmers, while your money spent at such a site will benefit local businesses and offer a sense of community spirit to those who work in and visit these places.

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