Hiking to La Ciudad Perdida

Hiking to La Ciudad Perdidan is a great way to see this remote part of Costa Rica. You can enjoy the lush, tropical rainforest while getting exercise and taking in some spectacular views. The trek takes you through deep jungle, green mountains, and waterfalls. It is an arduous and difficult hike that takes between three and six days to complete. You can choose a private guide to lead the trek, or hire a local tour agency to organize the trip for you. The price of the tour is less than official, and you can ask the guide to speak English to help you understand the landscape and the wildlife.

The trek begins with breakfast. You can expect to hike over two kilometers, with up to 1,200 steps. The path is a combination of intercommunicating roads and retaining walls. Aside from that, the trek takes you through a lush jungle that provides a variety of views no matter the time of day.

Hiking to La Ciudad Perdidan is a great way to experience the ruins of this ancient city, which was built about 800 AD. It was covered by jungle for many centuries until archaeologists and the indigenous peoples of the region began exploring it. Today, only a small part of the site is open for tourists.

Hiking to La Ciudad Perdidan is a fascinating cultural and historical experience that is sure to leave you awestruck. It is not an easy trek, but it will be worth the effort. You’ll spend two or three days traversing the different terrain and enjoy breathtaking views.

It is best to travel to the area in December and March to avoid the rainy season. Remember to bring fast-drying clothes, some extra cash, and a 2L water bottle to ensure that you’re well-hydrated throughout the hike. Also, don’t forget your insect repellent. The rainforest in this region is humid, and you don’t want to be stung by mosquitoes!

The campsites used by the tour company are comfortable and have proper services. Each trekking group is assigned a cook and will eat three proper meals a day. In addition, there are also fruit and hydration stops to replenish your energy. Moreover, the campsites have flush toilets and cold water showers.

During day one, you’ll begin your hike by acclimatizing to the weather. The temperature will be warm enough to enjoy a dip in the river. On day two, you’ll reach the village of the Kogui, an indigenous group that has lived here before the Spanish era. They speak a native language and have unique traditions and culture.

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