Weather-Resistant Outdoor Decorations

Decorative planters are a great way to change up the look of your yard throughout the year. Plants like daffodils, petunias, and mums make beautiful additions to a garden in the spring and summer. For the fall, consider adding gourds to your decorative planters. Decorative water features are also a great way to add soothing sounds to your yard. Traditional fountains make for an elegant centerpiece, or a contemporary metal fountain can create a sitting area.

If you are displaying your holiday decorations outdoors, make sure that you choose materials that have good weather-resistance. When choosing outdoor decorations, check the UL label to determine if they are meant for outdoor use. If they don’t have this label, you can’t be sure they’re safe to display. Some lights are made for both indoor and outdoor use, but you should still choose those that are safe to display outside. You can also find products with UV-resistant coatings, which help keep colors vibrant even when exposed to sun.

If you want to be extra spooky, you can buy inflatable pumpkins to cover your lawn. They’re an easy way to decorate your lawn and cost less than $5 each. You can also get lawn decorations that look like hairy caterpillars. These are great for Halloween and are easy to install. Jack Skellington fans will love these decorations, too.

Lighting for outdoor Christmas decorations is another essential element. You should consider weatherproof lights because they can withstand light to moderate rain. Just make sure to unplug them when it rains to avoid damaging your decorations. Incandescent bulbs can easily burst if they get wet, but LED bulbs are cooler and more resistant to leaks. You should also keep in mind strong winds, which can easily destroy outdoor decorations. If you have decorations that are mounted on a fence, consider solar-powered products or power stakes.

Decorative outdoor Christmas decorations can range from simple wicker reindeer to extravagant inflatable Santas and LED lighted Christmas trees. For a more elaborate display, you may want to purchase lighted lawn stakes, holographic lights, or even Nativity scenes. These can all add charm and a dreamy feel to a special outdoor space.

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