Top 10 Scenic Drives Across the United States

Driving across America is one of the best ways to experience its vast landscape. Whether you’re looking to see the open sea or get up close to majestic mountains, there’s a drive that’s right for you. There are more than 100 scenic drives in the country, so you’ll never run out of options for scenic drives.

One of the most scenic drives in the country is the Blue Ridge Parkway. This drive is 469 miles long and cuts through 29 counties and a mountain chain. It is also known for its pristine beauty and lack of commercial traffic. The speed limit is 45 miles per hour, which makes it a great way to experience the breathtaking scenery.

Another scenic drive across the United States is Interstate 95. While not the country’s longest interstate, it spans 15 states and crosses the US-Canada border in Houlton, Maine. From there, the road passes through a tunnel under Mount Baker Ridge, a National Register of Historic Places site. It then travels along two floating bridges, including the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, which is the longest in the world. The drive also hugs the shoreline of Lake Washington and ends in Boston near Logan International Airport.

A scenic drive across the United States can be a journey through a state’s diverse landscape. The state of Texas offers some of the country’s most breathtaking landscapes and is home to countless scenic attractions. The chain of seven interconnected lakes along the Colorado River is a beautiful place to visit, and Lake Buchanan is a popular resort. Nearby is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center, which is named after the first lady who made national beautification a priority.

A scenic drive through the southern Nevada desert can also be an experience. It’s a picturesque drive that is lined with hiking trails, petroglyphs, and colorful rock striations. At the end of the road, you can stop and indulge in breakfast burrises and games at the Moapa Paiute Travel Plaza.

Another scenic drive through the western part of the United States is Highway 101. This 23-mile stretch of road connects southern California to Washington. At Leggett, California, Highway 101 breaks from Highway 101 and becomes Highway 1. This section of the highway is also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, and it hugs the rocky coastline along the Pacific.

The Everglades National Park is another place worth visiting. It’s home to the largest wilderness east of the Mississippi River. It’s also a popular tourist destination. There are a lot of attractions along the way, so you should definitely take your time to enjoy the scenery. There’s no shortage of things to see on this drive, and it’s also a popular one for families with children.

While driving across the United States, take note of some of the most breathtaking scenery in each state. The Cascades Loop in Washington State, for instance, runs 400 miles from north of Seattle to the Puget Sound. It is an iconic scenic route and is filled with small towns, local cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes.

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