The World’s Coolest Underwater Hotels

Underwater hotels are a new trend sweeping the world. Located all around the world, these unique accommodations offer guests an unforgettable view of the sea life. Some hotels even offer guests the chance to swim with sea creatures, while others offer massive aquariums for guests to explore. If you’re planning to stay at one of these hotels, it is important to understand some important information before booking.

For those who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, an underwater hotel may be the perfect choice. The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel is currently under construction in the Persian Gulf and will be as deep as 66 feet. Once complete, this will be the deepest underwater hotel.

Another underwater hotel is being developed in Dubai. Originally, the site of this resort was a research facility. The hotel is now home to more than 65,000 marine animals. The resort features a spa and restaurants, as well as a swimming pool and sun deck. The hotel will be operated by the InterContinental Hotels Group.

A stay in one of these hotels is expensive, but the unique experience is worth it. There are five luxury underwater hotels, and prices vary depending on the location and the type of room. Most hotels offer a variety of activities and features that will keep guests entertained. Some even offer restaurants and bars under water.

Another option is a floating hotel. The Manta Resort offers a unique underwater room that’s only accessible by boat. Located off the coast of Pemba Island, it’s surrounded by coral reefs. The Manta’s Underwater Room is a three-level floating suite that comes complete with a private butler. It also features two outdoor decks that allow guests to enjoy a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida is a unique experience. It is an underwater hotel, accessible only by SCUBA. The staff is on duty around the clock and will take care of guests’ safety. One of the most notable features of this underwater hotel is its 42-inch windows.

Another of the world’s coolest underwater hotels is the Hotel Utter Inn, an undersea floating hotel designed by local artist Mikael Genberg. Guests can choose to spend their nights on a deck, where they can watch the sunset. Guests can also order breakfast, which can be served in their rooms. From there, guests can descend a ladder to their room, which is 10 feet below the surface. The room is fully equipped with twin beds and windows.

Guests are required to be certified scuba divers to enter this hotel. They must also dive 30 feet to reach the lodge, which is located five feet off the bottom of Emerald Lagoon. The underwater hotel is split into a living and sleeping area, with two small bedrooms for up to six people. It also has a fully equipped kitchen, sofa, and tables.

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