How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

There are many factors to consider before you build an outdoor kitchen. It needs to be close to the house and be level, stable, and free of any obstacles. Make sure you choose a location that is free of leafy trees, since these can block sunlight and make it difficult to cook outdoors. You also should consider the location of septic tanks and utility lines. It is also important to check the title of your home to see if there are any easements or restrictions on burying them.

Extra storage is also a key consideration. You need to have space for serving pieces and grilling tools. This can make cleanup time easier. Adding a paper towel holder to your countertop or door is another great idea. If you’re a serious griller, you might also want to consider including a small pantry or spice rack. The countertop and base material can pull everything together and define the look of the space.

Lighting is another important consideration. If you’re planning to use your outdoor kitchen for cooking in the evening, you’ll need more lighting to make sure you’re not cooking in the dark. You should also include enough lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere. An outdoor kitchen with seating may be bright enough to be used well into the night, but if you’re cooking under a starlit sky, you’ll want to make sure you’re well-lit. You can also choose to use ambient lighting to help set the mood and enjoy the changing natural light.

Whether you want to build an outdoor kitchen yourself or hire a professional, you’ll want to plan the construction process carefully. It will be a long process, from obtaining permits and ordering materials to building the outdoor kitchen base. The base installation can take several weeks. A simple outdoor kitchen may only take a week to complete, but a complex outdoor kitchen may require four different trades working at once, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Building an outdoor kitchen will improve your home’s value and provide you with additional entertaining space. According to statistics, 68% of architects include an outdoor kitchen in their plans. Although outdoor kitchens were once considered a luxury, they are quickly becoming a necessity for many homeowners. In fact, the trend for adding outdoor space has accelerated in the past few years.

Aside from the building permit requirements, the installation of an outdoor kitchen also requires plumbing and electrical work. Gas lines, in particular, should be installed by a licensed professional. Plumbing and gas work is a large part of an outdoor kitchen’s average cost. It will cost between $3,000 and $12,000 to hire a contractor for installation. In addition, the cost of hiring a contractor to install a gas line is often $15 to $25 per linear foot.

If you’re planning an outdoor kitchen, make sure to choose the best location for it. You’ll need to consider the weather conditions in the area and the surrounding landscaping.

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