Cheap Places to Travel in the World

Some of the world’s most beautiful places can be found on a budget. These places are safe, cheap, and offer something for everyone. For example, South America offers cheap accommodations and meals. Thailand is also a popular destination for travelers on a budget. The country’s history makes it a good place to go for a budget vacation.

This breathtaking destination also has affordable lodging. You can stay in a hostel or dorm for under $50 a day. Meals can cost as little as $10 per person. You can also spend your extra cash on activities such as kayaking through the Bay of Islands or seeing the stunning Milford Sound. The city is a popular option for vegan travelers, as it caters to their dietary needs.

Laos is another country with affordable accommodations. In some cities, you can get a hostel room for as low as $4 USD a night. Prices may vary depending on the town or city you visit. You can save up to 30% if you plan ahead. You can also get great value flights to Laos and other countries in the region.

Philippines is another great destination for travelers on a budget. It’s possible to travel there on less than 30 USD a day and still enjoy all of the country’s highlights. You can stay in guesthouses and eat local food to save money. You can even drink a bottle of beer for just a dollar. There are many places to visit, and the island of Coron is one of the best.

While many people associate Mexico with the beach resorts, Mexico has several cities that offer great travel deals. You can also find affordable train and bus travel and a wide selection of cheap local food. The cost of a private double room can be less than 15 US dollars per day. You can also visit museums for free on certain days of the week.

The best cheap places to travel in the Philippines are those that are not too far from the coast. Many people opt for Merida instead of the more popular coastal destinations. Merida is easy to reach by cheap ADO buses. You can stay in a beautiful colonial city that’s full of cheap food and drink options.

Another affordable destination in Europe is Bosnia and Herzegovina. While not as luxurious as other destinations in the region, it’s cheaper than neighboring countries like Montenegro. You can get decent food for less than $10 in Sarajevo, and street food is also cheap. Another affordable option is Vidikovac, where you can get a big vegetarian pizza for less than 5 EUR and a drink for only three EUR. The views in Vidikovac are spectacular and definitely worth the visit.

Colombia is another country that is cheap to visit. Public transportation is relatively inexpensive, and you can even take an intercity bus for as little as 10 USD. You won’t need to worry about finding a cheap hotel if you want to see the country’s vibrant culture.

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