Discovering Culinary Delights Around the Globe

Cuisine can be the hallmark of any destination. From its beloved street foods (New Orleans’ Creole cooking to Manila’s halo-halo) or Michelin star meals, culinary tourism has emerged as an exciting trend within tourism.

Travel adventures for foodies of all kinds. From an authentic cooking school immersion in Sicily to sampling bites in Logrono, these trips take their passion for cuisine to another level.


Discovering culinary treasures involves exploring the traditional recipes, ingredients and cooking methods of various global cuisines. Through such exploration individuals can broaden their palate while increasing knowledge about global gastronomy and appreciating cultural influences that shape each culinary tradition.

Enjoy Hanoi while sitting comfortably on a red plastic stool and sipping up delicious pho bo or sampling one of their famous banh mi sandwiches filled with meat or tofu and garnished with fresh herbs – or take part in cooking sessions in family homes and coffee roasting sessions with aboriginal farmers! This adventure traveler experience allows them to do both!

Explore Taiwan’s vibrant food culture while visiting night markets, touring five-star restaurants and taking part in a soup dumpling workshop with a local chef.


Few things define a city or country like its cuisine, making culinary travel one of the hottest trends in travel today.

Explore local markets to gain an in-depth experience of regional food culture. London’s Borough Market and La Boqueria in Barcelona are two lively venues which showcase local tastes.

Engage with local experts to gain cooking techniques and recipes, expanding your culinary abilities while broadening your global palate.

Preserve memorable dishes, ingredients and processes by taking captivating photographs to serve as visual mementos for years. Furthermore, supporting locally owned establishments helps strengthen local economies.

North America

Foodie Travel is all about experiencing local cuisine and culinary traditions through travel. It provides a great opportunity to connect with another culture through food.

NYC boasts both classic favorites like cheesecake and pizza as well as modern food trends such as the cronut. If you can, give one of these tasty delectable treats a try during your trip!

Foodie Travel requires developing all food and beverage resources, considering market forces, engaging stakeholders and planning a robust marketing strategy; something tourism agencies and destinations often fail to do effectively – an example would be Anthony Bourdain’s television show Parts Unknown which showcased these aspects well.

South America

South America is quickly gaining recognition as an incredible culinary destination. From velvet-soft Colombian sea bass and meltingly tender Argentine beef (asado) to Ecuador’s aromatic cacao and Peru’s ceviche dishes, Latin American cuisine is truly mouthwatering.

Indigenous populations cultivated and domesticated a wide variety of crops and dishes which continue to be celebrated today. When Europeans arrived, their culinary traditions combined with those found locally to produce what has now become the legendary cuisines we know and love today in South America.


Culinary travel offers an exceptional way to discover local cultures through their cuisine. It introduces you to unfamiliar ingredients, spices and cooking techniques that reflects a region’s distinct heritage; further expanding your palate by encouraging you to step outside your culinary comfort zone and try flavors you may never have otherwise considered trying.

From South African stews to delectable Turkish kebabs, foodie travel adventures provide an intoxicating array of culinary treasures. Delight in dishes representing various cultural traditions of Africa; sample seafood along Mozambique’s coast; or sample delicious peri peri chicken in vibrant Maputo city!


Foodie travel involves exploring the diverse tastes and flavors found across cultures. This immersive journey highlights the distinctive dishes, ingredients, spices and cooking methods unique to each cuisine as well as revealing its history and cultural significance – helping people expand their palettes while developing a deeper appreciation for global cuisine.

Oceania’s Marina and Riviera ships offer exclusive Culinary Discovery Tours that give passengers the chance to sample local flavors ashore and aboard. Join a master chef at local markets, sample traditional recipes in private homes, or learn the intricacies of regional flavors through onboard cooking classes taught by an accomplished chef instructor.

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